Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weighty Issues

Let's talk about weight, baby, let's talk about you and me, all the good things and the bad things that we eat....

Well, hello all you folks in sugarland, how you been?  Me, I've been eating sugar and packing on pounds.  Gosh darn Halloween, followed by Xmas and my discovery of the chocolate chip in peanut butter concoction, plus some severe recent anxiety, has triggered by addictive behavior overtime.

I usually can control my weight by just not eating anything but junk, but lately I seem to be eating regular good meals PLUS all my sugary treats.  And this, rather expectantly has made me gain weight.  Around 10 lbs so far, but I'm going to keep climbing because I'm now hungry for real food yet can not stop eating the chocolate and other stuff.

My weight has bounced around a lot.  When I was around 13 I was a pretty good weight at 135 lbs, 5"6.  I had big thighs but otherwise ok.  I ate like shit, usually 2-4 chocolate bars a day, but didn't eat much of anything else, and would do occasional fasts if I went up 3 lbs or so.  I kept this weight till I got pregnant at 19, then gained a bunch, going up to 155.  Then, due to nerves, drinking, and not eating anything but sugar, plus taking 'diet' pills, I came down to 135 again.  I then ended up involved in an abusive relationship, where I dropped more weight due to the fact we rarely ate, just drank.  I developed an ulcer, then hyperthyroidism.  I didn't realize I had hyperthyroidism at the time, I shook all the time but thought it was my nerves.

So after a year I left the abusive jerk (I had to move out of province), and arrived at my parents weighing only 122.  I loved it, but everyone else said I looked awful. All I knew was that I could eat and eat and eat and not gain weight.  Then I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I had to get radioactive iodine treatment to kill my thyroid, otherwise it would have killed me (worn my heart out).  They put me on replacement thyroid hormone but not enough so my thyroid became underactive.  By this time I was in college and eating all the ice cream and desserts, and chocolate milk I wanted, as it was an all you can eat meal plan and the food was not fit to eat, only the junk.  With my Thyroid bring underactive though, I soon put back all the weight I lost and more, getting around 145 lbs.

After awhile they got my medication dose correct and I went back to my usual 135.  Unfortunately, my second pregnancy was the same as the first and I ate voraciously, good foods and junk, and jumped to 160.  Just for your information I'm 168 now.  I have been up to 214.  I will tell you all about that in my next post. 

Let me know how your weight has been affected by your addiction(s), and life events.  People think if you're a sugar addict you must be fat, but it's not true. We can be any weight, I know a lot of very skinny people who eat nothing BUT sugar and chubby people who eat so healthy.  So, till next time, I leave you with my list of shame for today:
3 boxes of Smarties, 1 box Bridge Mix, 1 box Glossete chocolate covered raisins, and two large helpings of butterscotch pie with whipped cream.  Ouch! But I did eat 2 eggs and 2 bowls of salmon soup too, so some healthy good hot in me at least.


  1. Hang in there...I too am trying to stay 'on the wagon' and it really, really isn't easy...anyone who says sugar isn't addictive is a fool. :)

  2. you said it, I'm thinking of going to over-eaters anonymous, see if a twelve step program can help